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Streamlining Sales at the International Saudi Falcons & Hunting Exhibition with Silky Systems

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Streamlining Sales at the International Saudi Falcons & Hunting Exhibition with Silky Systems

The International Saudi Falcons & Hunting Exhibition is a grand event that attracts more than 200 exhibitors from around the world. These exhibitors showcase a wide variety of products and services, making it a vibrant marketplace. However, managing sales, payments, and inventory for such a diverse and large group of exhibitors can be a daunting challenge.

Silky Systems Sales Optimization

Challenges Faced

  • Sales Management: With a multitude of exhibitors, each having their unique products and services, managing sales in real-time was a challenge. Exhibitors needed a system that was quick, efficient, and error-free.
  • Payment Integration: The exhibition saw both online and offline visitors. Hence, there was a need for a seamless payment system that could cater to online bookings and on-the-spot sales.
  • Inventory Management: With thousands of products being sold, keeping track of inventory in real-time was crucial. Exhibitors required a system that would notify them of stock levels, helping them replenish in time.
  • Revenue Sharing: With over 200 exhibitors, there was a need for a transparent and efficient system to calculate and distribute the revenue shares accurately.


  • Enhanced Sales Experience: The integrated POS system ensured that customers did not have to wait long, leading to a better buying experience.
  • Decreased Stock-Outs: Real-time inventory management meant exhibitors were always aware of their stock levels, leading to fewer stock-outs and lost sales opportunities.
  • Transparent Revenue Distribution: With automated revenue sharing, there were no disputes among exhibitors regarding their share of the revenue. Everyone was assured of their fair share.
  • Increased Overall Revenue: The smooth sales process, combined with efficient inventory management, meant that there were more sales and fewer lost opportunities. This led to an increase in the overall revenue for the exhibition.

Conclusion :


The International Saudi Falcons & Hunting Exhibition, with the help of Silky Systems, transformed its sales and inventory management processes. The seamless integration of POS with online and offline payment systems, combined with real-time inventory management and automated revenue sharing, ensured a successful event with satisfied exhibitors and happy customers.

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