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We are proud partners of leading industry logistics players like

We do care about our partners​

The partnership philosophy is at the heart of Silky Systems. Our success has been supported by strong partner companies. Our alliances also aid in keeping us updated on the latest developments in the industry. We work to make our partnerships positive. This means we have a commitment to seek mutual benefit; to respect and value others. Working with over 50+ partners to make you the best business solutions, and provide you with what you want exactly.

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Accounting System

Manage your assets and record all your transactions. Get insights into how your business is performing and make your financial statement.

Fleet management features

Silky fleet management system is a complete solution for GPS vehicle tracking. Our software contains all the features you need to manage your fleet, regardless of the industry you work.


Silky Systems Rapidly Helps FMCG

UMCO, a leading company in Saudi Arabia in distributing FMCG products for the retail market, has increased its productivity by 48% by implementing Silky Systems ERP solutions to orchestrate their back office.

Silky Systems Clients

Silky Systems work with organizations of all shapes and sizes across all industries with the majority of our clients being large global organizations. 

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