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Silky Systems Fleet Operations Management

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Silky Systems Fleet Operations Management

The incorporation of the latest technologies is essential for any business in terms of effectiveness and productivity. The appearance of fleet-management and Logistics Operations in the cloud revolutionized the way companies conduct their operations. Its presence is already felt in such industries as healthcare, retail, logistics and transportation.

The term fleet management is used to plan and control a fleet of vehicles, in order to make the fleet more flexible and can be used efficiently. This should make it possible to use it optimally in order to reduce costs.

silky systems - logistics management solutions for your buisness
silky systems – logistics management solutions for your buisness

Silky Systems – Fleet Management Help You to:

  1. Real-Time Vehicle Tracking : One of the key aspects for any transportation company is the ability to track its vehicles. The usage of various wearables and sensors already enables these industries to notice great benefits of connectivity. For instance, the usage of GPS tracking devices allows companies to monitor their vehicles in real-time and elsewhere. It is especially necessary for those businesses that have a large amount of fleets. Nonetheless, small fleets can also find affordable software solutions and derive benefits. One of the major benefits of GPS tracking systems lies in the fact that managers have an opportunity to observe drivers’ behavior on the road including such factors as speed they are travelling at and whether or not they are making unnecessary stops. Possessing these data managers can actually coach their drivers telling them to slow down or turn off the engine if necessary. It also enables them to identify at any time where their vehicles are, detect possible problems or risks and, as a result, increase driver safety. Connectivity also provides benefits in terms of maintenance and repairs. A sample fleet management app shows how with real-time traffic information fleet technicians have the possibility to better act and respond if any problem occurs. This information allows managers to optimize their fleets and boost their productivity.
  2. Leveraging large amounts of data: Each day fleet managers deal with large volumes of data such as fuel consumption, speed tracking, vehicle utilization, etc. Using these data wisely companies will be able to improve their processes and increase their efficiency. Indeed, according to the estimation of DHL, a delivery company, and Cisco, the leader in IT and networking, IoT technologies, for instance, asset tracking solutions could have a great impact in the logistics sector, reaching more than $1.9 trillion. Due to the interconnectivity of all the devices businesses can accurately generate information about their fleets on a daily basis and, as a result, automate business processes. The usage of wearables and sensors offers possibility to regularly track and refill stocks without manager’s supervision. As a result, fleets can totally overhaul their operations which will further lead to continuous improvement of quality and productiveness.

Silky Systems help you manage all your resources and benefit from…

    • Cost optimization
    • Save time and keep control of your vehicles
    • Automate and simplify fleet management processes
    • Spend less time in management and more time to achieve your goals
    • Make the right decisions
    • Improve your performance
    • Increase the productivity of your employees
    • Increase the safety of individuals
    • Control the loss rate of your fleet

In conclusion, if you’re a brand or multi-brand retailer looking to streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth, Silky Systems is the solution you need. With our comprehensive feature set, centralized inventory management, automated order processing, advanced financial management, streamlined HR management, and seamless POS integration, you’ll have everything you need to take your business to the next level.

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