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What is fleet management?

What is fleet management

What is fleet management?

Fleet management includes all tasks related to the use and maintenance of a fleet of vehicles. It often regroups driver management.

The term fleet management is used to plan and control a fleet of vehicles, in order to make the fleet more flexible and can be used efficiently. This should make it possible to use it optimally in order to reduce costs.

Vehicles are the heart of fleet management. Their management involves various constraints: technical (equipment, security, technical control, etc.), administrative (documents for vehicles and drivers, etc.) and logistics, etc.

Fleet management comes down to three major components :

  • Cost management and TCO control (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Control of upkeep and maintenance
  • Fleet operation

Whatever the business sector of the company, fleet management is practiced to meet the same main objectives :

  • Save time and keep control of your vehicles
  • Automate and simplify fleet management processes
  • Spend less time in management and more time to achieve your goals
  • Make the right decisions
  • Improve your performance
  • Increase the productivity of your employees
  • Increase the safety of individuals
  • Control the loss rate of your fleet
  • Moderate fuel consumption
  • Decrease fleet idle time There is no reasonable reason not to use a fleet management system, even for the smallest of businesses. The most common argument is that fleet management systems are expensive and

complicated to use. However, this type of ERP frees managers from all the worries encountered during daily management, as long as it is an integrated system that centralizes all information relating to the activity, and therefore saves all the time wasted browsing the different applications and spreadsheets while increasing the productivity of your employees.

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