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Know exactly what’s happening

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Analyze and Report

Analyze & Report Data of your work and performance visually The report information can be in form of reports and/or statements.



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    Our Ecosystem


    Customer managment system. Get new leads and make new customers


    Manage your assets and get insights about your business performance

    Fleet Management

    Monitor and control vehicles and couriers in our real time tracking system

    Driver App

    Will provide map turn by turn navigation, route optimization, proof of the delivery process and etc


    Human Resources

    Manage your resources efficiently and track performance


    Key performance indicators. Keep track of all the important data in your organization

    Delivery Manage

    Delivery Management System allows clients to schedule the delivery of their shipments

    Inventory Manage

    Inventory Management System. Load inventory and manage the operations

    Shipper Platform

    Start shipping and keep track of everything happens on the road.

    Reporting System

    Support your work with insights from across the systems and make decision

    Warehouse Picker

    With a warehouse pickers optimize the time and get much faster


    Organize warehouse with automated inventory management