What are the fleet management features?

SILKY FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a complete solution for GPS vehicle tracking. Our software contains all the features you need to manage your fleet, regardless of the industry you work in. Vehicle and asset tracking: With our Fleet management system, you’ll have all the essential characteristics that each manager needs to manage a fleet effectively.

Fleet cost Management

What is the current cost of your fleet per km? You probably can’t answer that question.

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In fact, there’s no accurate answer. It all depends on the calculations. For example, the answer will not be the same if you rely on the average cost of the last 3 or 12 months. How do you calculate to answer a call for tenders, for example? Or the most aggressive? The first option ensures you safety, but you will be more likely to win the call for tenders with the second.
Managing a fleet is not just about accompanying vehicles. Keeping a record of fleet costs is also a very important task for a fleet manager. SILKY’s cost management module allows you to record and control your vehicle costs in an integrated and convenient manner. You can not only record all costs, but also plan fixed costs and calculate cost/km /h ratios, among others


Know your costs like the palm of your hands.


GPS Vehicle Geo-location & Sensor Monitoring

Managing your vehicle from the office can be a difficult task.

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However, it is not necessarily much easier to manage vehicles from the office. Unless you have the right tools.
SILKYSYSTEM is a professional solution for companies wishing to control their fleets: road transport undertakings, night delivery services, logistics and distribution undertakings, enterprises with sales teams and field services, enterprises with construction equipment and car rental undertakings…

SILKYSYSTEMS allows you to control your fleet efficiently and easily, leading to a dramatic increase in productivity, margins and quality of service.


The ultimate vehicle geo-location tool for your fleet


Vehicle route planning and tracking

You assign the day’s tasks to all your drivers. Now you have to make sure that they’re following your plan.

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Do the vehicles follow the routes that have been assigned to them? Have your customers received their items and services on time?
The SILKYSYSTEM Planning and Route Tracking module provides you with key information so you can monitor route progress and anticipate future events, supporting management decisions for your fleet.
This module was designed as a very powerful tool for creating and controlling rides. You can also immediately detect any vehicle that does not follow its per-defined and approved route. You will also know how far away a vehicle is from its destination, as well as the estimated time of arrival. You can even program SILKYSYSTEM to notify your customers a few minutes – or a few kilometers – before your vehicle arrives.

Intelligent fleet management begins with route planning.


Fleet Management

A powerful tool that provides an automated overview of all your fleet maintenance data – from service reminders to fuel consumption. All data in one dashboard.

fleet management system

To avoid maintenance headaches and facilitate the management of your fleet, our experts offer you the best solution, SILKYSYSTEMS.
Our Fleet management software to track expenses, create maintenance schedules and more. Affordable and easy to use.
Quickly access all fleet information – future maintenance dates, repair costs, expired documents, mileage, and more. Use historical data and compare your fleet of vehicles to make factual business decisions.


Everything you need to know about maintaining your fleet.

Customize your own maintenance planners and receive automated notifications for maintenance reminders. And you get a lot of functionality to do that. Get all the fleet KPIs you need to effectively manage your business.

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